Worst Beer Tattoos

Worst Beer Tattoos

As long as tattoos have existed there has been bad tattoos and nothing hits quite as good as a bad tattoo. They are something to be proud of, something to relish, I made this dumb decision and I love it, because at the end of the day if it's permanent might as well make it memorable. This is made even better when the tattoos are beer related and oh boy do we have some absolute crackers here, some sent in by some of the looniest fans we got. So if you have a bad beer tattoo that you are proud of be sure to send it to us on Instagram and let it be known how awesome you are for that awful decision.

Here we go:

and there you have it, some of these are absolute rippers! Our favourite thing is the epic pairing of beers and mullets. So carry on ladies and gentleman, keep getting these epic tattoos and you'll continue to get featured. We are still waiting for the first Beer Fans foam finger tattoo!

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