Beers That Hit Different

Beers That Hit Different

We all love beer! That’s pretty much the heart of why this list exists in the first place. Beer is always great, but there are times when that beer hits differently. It hits and it's the sweetest nectar you’ve ever tasted. It’s not just tasty, but it’s lifesaving. It’s something that compliments the day and the time and the place. It wasn’t just there because it happened to be, it needed to be there! You were blessed with a cold beverage at that moment. 

Now that we are done getting you hyped on that special beer moment... You know the one! Here’s a list of our favourite times and places to have a beer!

25. Post athletic activity/sports accomplishment beer (ie. that long awaited marathon finish)
24. End of the Roadtrip beer
23. Beer after a bad beer
22. Beer on a roof
21. Kickoff beer at the game
20. Gambling win beer
19. Moving day beer
18. House party beer
17. Beer on a boat
16. Finished the housework beer
15. Day drinking beer
14. Shower beer
13. First bucks/hens beer
12. Fishing beer
11. Set up the tent camp beer
10. Small town pub beer
9. Sunday Session beer
8. Mid-week public holiday beer
7. Just got married beer
6. Apres - ski/board beer
5. 4th tee beer on the course
4. Friday knock off beer
3. Sunset beer
2. Pool beer
1. Airport beer

    Those are our favourite beers, from a brainstrust of 20-to-40 somethings that do enjoy a beverage or seven. 

    Let us know your favourites or if we’ve missed anything. Feel free to flame us in the comments on Instagram and Facebook! We look forward to it!

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