Australia's Greatest Beer

Australia's Greatest Beer

It’s almost time to find what our favourite beers of the year are!

The GABS Hottest 100 craft beers are announced every January – and as the biggest and most influential poll in Australian craft beer – we get to find out what the punters of Australia have enjoyed the most. 

Since 2008 the team that brings us the GABS festival every winter has run this poll – a true popularity contest of craft beers.

The top ten are highly contested, with the champion spot having only been taken by seven different beers over the past 15 years. That’s right – it’s tough to crack that number spot.

2023 saw a newcomer for the first time in 3 years – the ubiquitous Mountain Culture Status Quo knocking out two-time winner Bentspoke Crankshaft.

As the love for craft beer has grown over the past 15 years – so has interest in this consumer poll.

We know that so many more people are voting in both Australia and NZ – and now you can even take a punt on what punters will choose. 

So who are we betting for the GABS Hottest 100 2024?

Here are our picks. Don’t @ us, we get to make our picks, too 

Bentspoke Crankshaft – Will they be able to win back the top spot? We think so. 

Mountain Culture Status Quo – A back-to-back is tough. But with a brewery expansion and even more beer on shelves around the country, this could be a stayer.

Philter XPA – This one is a wild card, having not cracked the top ten yet. But a successful crowdfund and increased distribution, it could be their year. 

Better Beer – The one we all love, and the one the beer nerds love to pick on. But we don’t think the era of influencer beers is over yet. And have you seen their golf accessories?

Young Henry’s Newtowner – An Aussie classic at this point, and one that has long stood in the Hottest 100 top 10. We stand by this one and maybe it’s time for some more recognition.

If you want to see how to legitimately gamble on these beers, here how Joe did it last year. 

Betting on Beer

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