Hack Your New Year's Resolution

Hack Your New Year's Resolution

Need to nail your New Year’s resolutions this year?

Just because we love a beer, doesn’t mean we don’t support your goals for 2024. If you’re looking to drink a little less – we’re still here for you.

Gone are the days of stinky non-alcoholic beers, or swapping for a lemon-lime-and-bitters.

Australian craft breweries have really stepped up the game on no and low alc beers in the past year – from hoppy to hazy to fruity to sour – Beer Fans has you covered with some kick-ass NA options.

These beers will satiate your need for tasty hops and a bitter kick:

  1. Bentspoke NA Freewheeler IPA
  2. Range Low Key NA Pale
  3. Nort XPA

Savour the flavour with these fresh, fruity and tart NA options:

  1. Molly Rose Strawberry Sublime
  2. Stomping Ground Zero Pine Lime Smash
  3. Brick Lane Sidewinder Passionfruit XPA

The best part? If you try any of these from Beer Fans, you’ll be getting the beers straight from the brewery and if you don’t like them, you’ll get your money back. 

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