The Most Ridiculous Things At GABS

The Most Ridiculous Things At GABS

The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, or GABS Beer Festival as it's more widely known as, is an annual event that takes place in Australia and New Zealand. This festival is a MUST-ATTEND event for beer lovers and anyone who enjoys a good time. With over 500 beers from more than 200 breweries across the Australian events, there is something for everyone at this festival. Instead of just telling you why the festival is great, you can just go find out all those reasons on their website at, we will tell you about the ridiculous, silly and most entertaining things that we love about the festival!

  1. The WILD Beers

Yes yes yes, we get that 500 different beers over 4 festivals is ridiculous in itself, but some of these beers are just outrageous. For example, One Drop last year had a slushie beer as well as an ice cream beer, that literally came with a spoon! Atomic Beer had a beer that had whipped cream poured on top of it and Stomping Ground had chai bubbles put on top of theirs. The beer selection is great but it's the wild beers that truly make GABS a great day out.

  1. The Interactive Stuff

Some of the best things at GABS have nothing to do with the beer but all the fun stuff you can do there whilst also drinking! Firstly, there is a tonne of games and silly stuff to do like massive Jenga tower, donut eating contests, the Bentspoke bike riding, Balter tinnie sliding, and many many more. They are scattered throughout the festival and all at different times so you never feel like you are missing out on something epic and memorable!

  1. The Silent Disco

There's plenty of music and plenty of amazing acts and performances throughout the festival that in their own right are incredible and are must-watches but something that goes very understated is how much fun it is for you and your friends to go to the silent disco after a few fun beers and sing very poor karaoke songs whilst trying to convince each other whose radio station is the best. It's truly a great time!

  1. The Merch!

When you go to GABS the best part about it is that everyone there including yourself want to be there and want to have fun. It's not just any beer festival it is THE beer festival to go to in Australia and New Zealand. So there's no better way to remember this incredible time with your friends than picking up some of the super limited merch that not only GABS make themselves but your favourite breweries make just for the festival. It's a perfect touch for your festival experience! If you do miss out you can always find your favourite merch here at

  1. The End of the Night!

So outside of the music and the entertainment and all the beers throughout the night and or day depending on which session you went to. The most fun you will have at GABS is at the end of the session where you, all your friends, all the breweries, everyone there, stop serving drinks and start singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a legendary part of the festival that not enough people know about and is in our opinion the most fun part of the festival.

There's plenty of reasons why GABS is an incredible time and not only for the reasons listed above but plenty more as well! We will be going to all of them this year and look forward to seeing you there too! We couldn't recommend going enough so when you go this year, let us know what your favourite moment was and if you've been before what's been your most memorable time at GABS?

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