Cheers to IWD - but we're celebrating all year.

Cheers to IWD - but we're celebrating all year.
*Photo is of Pink Boots Society AU collaboration brew day 2022 at Bodriggy


For years, beer has been associated with men and masculinity. The image of a group of men gathered around a bar with pints of beer in hand is a common sight in popular culture. However, the reality is that women have been involved in beer and brewing for centuries, although their contributions have often been overlooked and undervalued.

In recent years, there has been a surge of women entering the beer industry, from brewers to marketers to owners of breweries. Women are increasingly taking up positions in the beer industry and challenging the stereotype of beer as a male-dominated industry. We have the pleasure of working with some of these incredible women and as much as we'd love to name all of them, we have selected a great few for now and will continue to add to this list.

We will keep celebrating women all year long, but love the idea of sharing some of our favourite women in beer

4 Pines -
Longtime ambassador and all around legend, Sarah Turner has been at 4 Pines through many seasons. She’s now leading the charge on environment and social impact for the brewery, as well as creating pathways into beer judging with Pink Boots Society.

Bentspoke -
Founder and brewer Tracy Margrain is the secret weapon behind Bentspoke’s great beer and legendary status. She does it all and makes some tasty beer, too.

Burnley -
When she’s not making her famous-from-tik-tok vids, Chloe Hoiberg is generally just bossing it across all of Burnley’s venues and brewing.

Five Barrel -
Founding a brewery in Wollongong was a dream for Lucy Timpano - but digging into the organisation side of a brewery led her to start a brewery management software system called Abbl, as well.

Prancing Pony -
Hailing from Germany, Corinna Steeb started Prancing Pony Brewery with her husband more than ten years ago. She’s also served on the board of Pink Boots and the Independent Brewers Association.

Rocky Ridge -
Sustainable certified and certified hype brewery Rocky Ridge was founded by Mel Holland and her partner on family farmland.

Two Birds -
It’s no secret that Two Birds was Australia’s first female founded and run brewery. Danielle Allen and her co-founder Jayne Lewis have led the way for many women in the beer industry over the past decade.

In conclusion, women have always played a significant role in beer and brewing, even if their contributions have not always been recognised. With more women entering the industry, it is becoming more diverse and inclusive, challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. As we move forward, it's essential to continue supporting inclusion in beer and working towards greater representation and equality.

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