Should Kids Drink 0% Beer?

Should Kids Drink 0% Beer?

This one is a big one, the question of whether kids should drink non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beer has gained popularity in recent years as a healthier alternative to alcoholic beer, but is it suitable for children?

Non-alcoholic beer is essentially beer that has undergone a process to remove the alcohol content, typically reducing it to less than 0.5%. While it may seem like a safe and healthy alternative to regular beer, it is important to consider the potential effects it may have on children. We will breakdown the goods and the bads when it comes to kids drink 0% beer!

The Goods

  • 0% is far healthier than sodas, less sugar, less calories and many more vitamins.
  • It allows kids to potentially feel included in a social setting around older family and friends.
  • It teaches kids how to drink responsibly from an early age which has the opportunity to turn into greater long term effects for their health.
  • It introduces them to the taste of alcohol earlier which gives them the chance to make up their own minds on it.

Now, that's a solid list for all the more reasons to let your kids drink 0% beers but however there are some bads, and here they are.

The Bads

  • It can teach them bad drinking habits earlier in life, like associating fun with alcohol which can lead to binge drinking later in life.
  • Barley and hops potentially can cause health issues in a child's growing body.
  • Even a small amount of alcohol can have lasting impacts on a developing brain of a child.
  • Labelling can be misleading as well as in some cases more attractive to a younger child which could lead to them having stronger alcoholic drinks.

Overall the option does fall on the parents and if they think it's a good idea or not. Either way the discussion needs to be had with the kids to teach them good habits earlier on to prevent long term effects. Parents should be weary of the potential health risks involved but they healthier than sodas and soft drinks.

We want to hear your thoughts? Would you let your kids drink 0% beers? 

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