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That’s right, we are not a manufacturing plant, a board room, or a committee. From brewing our first batches in the garage of our share house, to carving out our niche in the hospitality industry - we are a small crew of real people with a shared love of crafting exceptionally wonderful beer.

And no-one likes to ‘beer’ alone, so we have gone and transformed a big ol workshop into a modern, breezy brewery so everyone can enjoy and ‘beer’ together. We strive to connect with all our ingredients, the land they were grown on, and the people that plant, pick, deliver and pour. Being the locals that we are, Precinct Brewing connects with our customers and community, to listen, empathise and celebrate.

Oh, and we are an optimistic team of ‘pint half-full’ kind of people. Our brewery is the place to ‘beer’ after all.


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