Zythologist Rubidium
Zythologist Rubidium
Zythologist Rubidium
Zythologist Rubidium
Zythologist Rubidium

The Zythologist

Zythologist Rubidium

375ml CanSize

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About This Beer


Now with twice the raspberries!

Taxonomy is the science of classifying and naming all organisms. Linnaeus created the modern system to classify animals and plants, which uses taxonomic ranks or levels. For example, several species come from a genus, and several genera come from a family. This elemental beer focuses on the rosaceae family, a parent rank to rose, raspberry, loganberry, and blackberry. The genus of those berries is rubus, which comes from their characteristic red colour, and the inspiration for the name of this beer: Rubidium. We give you this, the first rose of summer.

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops, Yeast, Lactose, Raspberries and Roses.

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