Don't like it? Don't pay.

At Beer Fans we want you to have maximum cheer while you’re downing your beer. We want you trying tasty new tins and pushing the boundaries of your taste buds. That being said, if a beer doesn’t satisfy you, we want to know about it!

So hit the store, buy new beers, buy different styles, buy a craft beer you wouldn’t usually go for. And know that we’ll back you up if you don’t like your choice. Promise.

Just get in touch, let us know your thoughts and we’ll refund 100% of your order! Seriously!

The Beer Fans 'Don’t like it? Don’t pay!' 100% refund guarantee.

We love beers. We’re the biggest Beer Fans. Literally live and breathe the stuff! But every legend has their own tastes. So if you’re not happy with a beer that you buy, let us know. We’ll do all the necessary work to get a smile back on your dial and 100% cash back in your pocket.

In any case (carton), if you get a beer and it doesn’t rock your world, give us a bell. We really do want our Beer Fans being 100% confident and happy with the purchases made in store. In fact, we guarantee it.

Who is eligible for the guarantee?

Any customer, old or new is eligible to claim a refund. Whether it's your first order or your 10th, we'll treat every case the same.

When will my refund be processed?

Once we’ve made contact with you and verified some minor details, we’ll refund you straight away. 100%! Seriously! Some banks and financial institutions have some lag, but generally speaking it’s all pretty instant.It might all seem too good to be true. We simply want you to make informed purchases and know that if you don’t like, you don’t pay!

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