Beer Fans, is the first craft beer, merchandise and apparel marketplace.


Founded by Joe Cook, Beer Fans, aims to provide a central location to browse and buy all merchandise and apparel from Australian breweries.



Beer is bigger than just beer. The beauty of breweries is that they represent more than just great beer, their values, their ethos, their brand are all things we identify with on a greater level that’s why we love to rep their merch.



Beer Fans features products on its website and markets them to consumers via social media, email and digital advertising. Once a customer buys a product the brewery is notified, by email, to package and ship the product, drop-shipped. Beer Fans takes a commission of the sale for its services.


Our core values:

Ensure customer happiness,
feature a diverse range, and
be friends of the industry.


What that means:

  • Ensure customer happiness by delivering the best customer experience before, during and after purchase.
  • Feature a diverse range of brands and merchandise giving customers a variety of choice like what they will find in the beer fridge.
  • Be friends of the industry respecting customers on both side of the transaction with long term sustainability in mind.


If you would like to contact Beer Fans please feel free to email, we’d love to hear from you.


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