Tallboy and Moose Savour Native Flavour

Tallboy and Moose

Tallboy and Moose Savour Native Flavour

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About This Beer

This Mixed Pack is for the ones who want to go on a flavour adventure. It includes a 4-pack of each new release - Yabby Dabba-Do & Ursa Minor.

4x YABBY DABBA-DOO - Yabby Stout, 5.5% - An Aussie riff on the old Oyster Stout - a full-bodied dark beer with delicate freshwater yabby. Contains crustacean.

4x URSA MINOR - Aussie Amber w/ Lemon Aspen, 5.2% - Another truly unique expression of native Australian flavours. Munich, Red X and Melanoiden malts lay a complex amber malt base but that Lemon Aspen is the star here bursting with candied tropical fruit.

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