What Your Favourite Beer Style Says About You! (Part 1)

What Your Favourite Beer Style Says About You! (Part 1)

Beer is great, and it comes in many different styles, each with its unique characteristics and flavours. From light lagers to rich stouts, beer has something for everyone. Did you know however that the type of beer you prefer can say a lot about you? In this blog, we'll explore what your favourite beer style says about you.


You hate flavour. You don't just hate it, you're actively scared of it. However you do have the most crispy and most drank style of beer under your belt. You don't drink tap water and without a doubt have a water filter in your kitchen. You enjoy the simple things in life and for some people that's all that life has to be.

Pale Ales 

You are an elitist, have definitely tried to get people into crypto and NFTs and most likely will buy the blue tick for Instagram. You enjoy a beer with a little bit of bite and personality, and you may also be someone who enjoys trying new things. Pale ales are shockingly popular and have some of the best tasting beers in the world but for you that's not enough, you'll tell people.


If pale ales are elitist than you my friend are the fake tough guy of the group. You LOVE hops, we get it, we hear about EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you open another one of those beers. You'll definitely tell your friends you can smell and taste the different hops in each beer, but we know you can't. However you're not afraid to take risks and try new things, and you appreciate beers that push the boundaries.


You never got over drinking breakfast juice in the morning. You ride the bandwagons so hard that people make fun of you for that alone. If you're a fan of Hazys, you're likely someone who enjoys trying new things and being on the cutting edge of trends. When a brewery releases their latest Oat Cream DDH DIPA you are first on the waiting list and without a doubt will 5 star it on Untappd without even trying it.


Life is over for you. At this point you might as well pack up and move to the coldest parts of Scandinavia because the mental demons you've been fighting have clearly won. Some will say that if you love stouts, you're likely someone who enjoys indulging in the finer things in life and enjoy rich, deep flavours. We all love a stout but if this one is your favourite, it's a wrap.


Oooohh boy. Sour person huh? You are a contrarian. You NEED attention. You switch up your look every few months and are always found in their next 'phase' in life. You love a good bit of funk and outrageous flavours, and that's not a bad thing. We just don't need to hear about your newest Spotify playlist of Mongolian Rave or whatever you're into at the moment.

Non Alc 

Surely not?


    This is only part 1 as there is a thousand different styles to get to so don't worry more and more will be coming out. Your favourite beer style can reveal a lot about you. Whether you enjoy a crisp lager or a bold IPA, there's a beer out there for everyone. So the next time you crack open a cold one, take a moment to reflect on what your favourite beer style says about you.

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